My name's Callias. I'm twenty. I've been on my own for a while now, and well. Yeah there's that. My m-mom's gone, but I...I think I'm okay. Who knows, though, when you spend your days like me. *grins* But that's not nearly important, I want to know you. Give me a good price and I'll make your day. Throw in some e-extra and I'll make your month.

Supernatural!verse Siren with a dash of Greek myth. Currently selling himself on the streets for money and meals.

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((Callias's FC is Chace Crawford. I am not him, and neither is Callias.

Mun is also over 18 years of age, even if I don't act like it. College may or may not have lowered my eloquence))




So I’m at the end of my rope here. I’m struggling to pay for college for next year and if I don’t find the money this summer, I won’t be going back. I need something to help me pay for food, clothes, and textbooks.

So I’m opening up commissions for the summer!

Here’s some info, and I’ll create a link to this as well as a more detailed info page in the near future:

Pricing for Writing: 

$10 for every 1,000 Words

$5 for anything shorter, between 300-600 words.

No more than 5,000 words for a fic, please. (If you would like me to write more, we can negotiate a price range. I won’t be a stickler if the fic goes over 5,000 so long as it’s not venturing into 6,000 range)

Limitations on Writing:

Not many. I will write NSFW with no extra charge. Only stopping points I can think of off the top of my head are scat and extreme vore. 


Hannibal, Supernatural, Marvel Cinematic Universe including Agents of SHIELD, Once Upon a Time, Teen Wolf, Psych, King Arthur, Assassin’s Creed 1 and 2 (sorry, I’m not caught up on the games), Harry Potter, Boondock Saints. 

My primary are Supernatural, Hannibal, and the MCU

Original Work:

If you would like me to write to a prompt with original characters, I will do this. The same prices stand, only I will need more time to develop the setting.

I have several novels, short stories, and poems that are either in progress or unpublished. If you wish to see an sample, go ahead and let me know. 

Art Commissions:

Oddly enough I spent a solid 3 years drawing fanart before I got into fanfiction. I also draw original work (more often than fanart). If anyone wants more examples of what I draw, I will post them. 

I draw purely in traditional pencil, pen and ink, or color pencil. I can’t afford a tablet to do anything else. 

Pricing for Art:

$5 for a pencil head shot

$10 for a pencil full body

$15 for a pencil full body with a detailed scene

+$5 for each added person to the scene

$10 for a colored pencil head shot

$15 for a colored pencil full body

$20 for a colored pencil full body w/ detailed scene

+$10 for each added person in color.

I’m sorry the prices are so high for this one. It takes me a lot of time to draw. 

If you want an action scene with more than 3-4 people, we can negotiate a price.

Limitations on Art:

I’m a little rusty on the art side of this but few limitations here, as well. No scat, no extreme vore. 


Same as above, but open to other characters so long as I have a reference. 

Original Work:

Same as above.

I’d really appreciate any help you guys can offer me, and if you can’t afford a commission right now, please reblog this? Thank you so much.

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Did you ever notice how in the Bible, whenever God needed to punish someone, or make an example, or whenever God needed a killing, he sent an angel? Did you ever wonder what a creature like that must be like? A whole existence spent praising your God, but always with one wing dipped in blood. Would you ever really want to see an angel?